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Are you interested in working for Sleeman Breweries, the 3rd largest brewery in Canada?

At Sleeman Breweries, we have 1,100 dedicated and talented people that work across Canada from Chambly, Quebec to Vernon, British Columbia.

Our business is about people. The only way to build a better beer company is through people who share our passion for beer and who can work together effectively as a team.

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Top reasons to work for us

  • A dynamic company with a powerful portfolio of products that is growing

  • A great company culture that encourages team work and getting better

  • A great work atmosphere that is easy-going without compromising professionalism

  • Competitive salaries along with great benefits for our employees

  • A tradition of product excellence and customer focus

  • Employees that are proud and feel that they have an impact on the success of the company

  • Employees that love our products and have great confidence in the future success of the company

  • Great opportunities to grow and continue learning

  • Involvement in our communities

What our employees are saying

  • “The teamwork within my department is what I appreciate the most. We are all in it together and help out whenever someone is in need.”

  • “I appreciate the fact that everyone is willing to help each other out regardless of the position one has in the company. You do not feel the hierarchy in the team and we all strive to deliver better quality and getting better.”

  • “Sleeman Breweries is the best place I have ever worked and has provided me with a sense of belonging and pride of accomplishment over my years of service to this fine company.”

  • “Sleeman Breweries is a dynamic company with a powerful portfolio and a focused agenda with clearly defined strategies and expectations.”

  • “The opportunities that are given to me in my current position are what I make me want to work for Sleeman.”