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We’re  meticulous  about our  beer

For years Sleeman Breweries has focused its efforts on green initiatives such as large-scale waste reduction, water conservation, energy-consumption measures, and brewing by-product management.

Wastewater Treatment in Guelph

Guelph brewery uses an anaerobic digestion process to treat wastewater from the brewery before sending it to the City of Guelph’s wastewater system. We are the only Guelph brewery that has an anaerobic wastewater treatment system. We treat 100% of the effluent waste streams from our beer manufacturing processes. We work as a community partner with the City of Guelph to maximize the effectiveness of our system and minimize the load on our municipal systems.

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Water Conservation

95% of great tasting beer comes from water, but we realize that water plays a much more fundamental role as the life source of the planet. So, we treat it respectfully and always work to ensure we are using it sparingly. In 2019, the City of Guelph recognized our water conservation efforts, wherein we upgraded equipment and modified brewing processes, resulting in water savings to the tune of 298,000 litres (or over 5,000 keg’s worth) every day.

Green House Gas Emissions

Since 2016, we have been able to reduce our GHG levels through various energy and natural gas conservation initiatives resulting in a total reduction of nearly 400 metric tons of GHG emissions in that time period. This amounts to the equivalent to the GHG’s 86 cars produce in a year.

Our Fleet

Across the country, we are investing heavily in routing software to maximize our delivery route efficiencies and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. In Ontario, we participate in the most efficient route-to-market system in North America.

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