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Apr 30, 2021

Growth Spotlight

Meet the author

Amélie Toupin is a National Sales and Operations Director on the Sleeman Breweries team. Amélie began her career journey with Sleeman Breweries over a decade ago.

The start of my career journey with Sleeman Breweries

My work with Sleeman Breweries — one of the fastest growing breweries in Canada — has been quite an enjoyable ride. My background was in small import and distribution, so I was looking for a company I could grow with that was small enough to be dynamic, but large enough to have lots of internal opportunities. I found the perfect fit at Sleeman Breweries.

As a trained Accountant, I began working at Sleeman Breweries as a Financial Analyst — a position that was newly implemented to support the Sales department. After a year working in this position, I was recruited by Sales to lead as the Sales Operations Manager. I was very excited about this opportunity as it required both my Finance and Sales skills.

Over time this role has turned into various other positions. I was fortunate enough to be involved in various types of work, from project management and IT, to government affairs and partnership negotiations. As the world of business has become more complex, so have the roles I’ve occupied.

Fast forward to today…

Today at Sleeman Breweries, I now hold the position of National Sales and Operations Director and am supported by an extremely intelligent team.

In short, Sleeman Breweries has been a great employer for me for a number of reasons. My journey to success is attributed to the fact that I’ve always been surrounded by colleagues and leaders who have educated me, encouraged me to think outside the box, and motivated our team to celebrate each other’s successes. This all adds up to one incredible company culture.

Today, I encourage strong women to join me in working for an alcoholic beverage industry company that is not only complex and fascinating, but a wonderful environment where women can grow and succeed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Amélie!

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