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May 31, 2021

Press Release: SoCIAL LITE joins the Sleeman Breweries family

Third-largest brewery in Canada adding the iconic Canadian brand to growing portfolio

May 31, 2021, GUELPH, ONT. — Sleeman Breweries, one of Canada’s most historic beer companies, announced today that it is adding SoCIAL LITE vodka to its portfolio of ready-to-drink beverages. SoCIAL LITE Vodka, founded in Whitby, Ont. in 2013 as part of Aware Beverages Inc, was the first-ever unsweetened pre-mixed vodka soda in the market. Today the
iconic brand holds the fifth spot in the spiked water category by volume growth.

“SoCIAL LITE is a welcome addition to Sleeman’s brand portfolio,” said Hiro Kitaoka, CEO & President, Sleeman Breweries. “The two brands, Sleeman and SoCIAL LITE, have similar entrepreneurial roots. Both were founded in Canada with the purpose of making good quality beverages. This is an incredible opportunity and we are really looking forward to working together to bring this Canadian favourite to new heights.”

SoCIAL LITE joins other brands like Splash Vodka Soda and the newly-launched SWAY Vodka Soda to both complement and grow Sleeman’s ready-to-drink category.

“This is the right move for SoCIAL LITE to ensure continued growth,” said Dan Beach, Co-Founder, SoCIAL LITE. “We have done extraordinary things to grow this brand to be what it is today, a leader in the fast-growing seltzer space. Joining the Sleeman family is not only the right
fit culturally, but gives us a platform to accelerate the brand and continue its success.”

Sleeman Breweries has been on a fast track of growth since 2006 when it was purchased by Sapporo Breweries. Other brands produced by Sleeman Breweries in Canada include Sapporo, Okanagan Springs, Wild Rose and Unibroue. SoCIAL LITE’s cofounders, Dan Beach, Neetu Godara and Kevin Folk, will continue to run the business as a subsidiary of Sleeman Breweries. All staffing, sales and production will remain unchanged as SoCIAL LITE transitions into the Sleeman Breweries organization.

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About Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

Sleeman Breweries Ltd. is the third-largest brewing company nationwide. The company has built an impressive portfolio of beer brands in Canada that includes well-loved Canadian brands such as Sleeman, Okanagan Spring, Wild Rose and Unibroue, along with world-class beers including
Sapporo and Pabst Blue Ribbon.  

Sapporo Breweries Ltd., known for its rigorous Japanese brewing standards, acquired Sleeman in 2006. The company now markets and/or distributes world-class domestic and imported products and is home to over 1,000 employees nationwide.  

About Aware Beverages Inc.

SoCIAL LITE Vodka was founded in 2013 by Daniel Beach, Kevin Folk and Neetu Godara with the mission of creating better for you drinks that allow Canadians to be social and live lite. SoCIAL LITE Vodka pioneered the seltzer category in Canada, launching the first ever ready to drink beverage with no sugar, sweetener or artificial ingredients. The brand prides itself on using simple and real ingredients, blending premium Canadian vodka, sparkling water and 100% natural flavours to create their beverages. Today, SoCIAL LITE Vodka is a leader in the fast growing seltzer category and is known for its hand crafted recipes that deliver superior taste that make it a Canadian favourite from coast to coast.

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Jessica Leach
The Neighbourhood Agency | 416-704-2166

Jenna Anderson
Sleeman Breweries Ltd. | 519-829-9790

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