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Jan 25, 2021

Encouraging a Unique and Empowering Culture | Behind the Scenes with Our West HR Team

The Sleeman Breweries HR team sits at the heart of our company, defining our unique culture. This team is focused on empowering their peers across the organization to learn and grow, finding new ways to engage and connect employees, and ensuring we hire people that believe in our common goal.

We recently caught up with our West HR team to learn more about the company’s growth and success across all four western provinces.

What does your team work on at Sleeman Breweries?

The West HR team partners with business groups across the country to support them on all things people!

Our team is responsible for a wide range of work, which includes the following:

  • Employee development
  • Talent acquisition
  • Managing change within the company
  • Organizational development
  • Labour relations
  • Performance management
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • And much more!

What do you like best about working on the West HR team?

The people! We have all the right people in all the right roles, and we know how to work well together from locations all across Canada. While we’re all different and we have unique working styles, we’re united by a common goal and passion, which is what makes us stronger as a team.

We’re lucky to support all areas of business within the Sleeman Breweries company — and across all four western provinces. This includes brewing operations, logistics, supply chain, sales and marketing, IT, finance and the Wild Rose Taproom.

How would you describe your team culture?

We operate in a very open environment. Nothing is off the discussion table and we work through difficult projects or issues as a team, helping each other where needed. While we work hard, we play hard too, and we try to make a difference for our Sleeman colleagues every day.

Are there any recent collaborative projects or work efforts that stand out to you?

There are quite a few! One that really stands out is when we launched a refresh to the employee recognition program in the West during the first week of 2021. In collaboration with the HR team and various other employees in the company, we were able to gather insightful feedback and make small, but impactful changes to the overall business communications. This has allowed us to provide additional education and support to the Sleeman Breweries team on why recognition is so important!

Thanks for sharing more about your team with us, West HR!

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