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Mar 1, 2021

Growing with Sleeman Breweries

Growing with Sleeman Breweries: Todd Robinson’s Professional & Personal Journey in the Beer Industry

Todd Robinson is the Director of Sales on the Sleeman Breweries British Columbia team. Todd began his career journey with Sleeman Breweries nearly two decades ago.

Tell us a little about your career story. How did you get to where you are today?

My career at Sleeman Breweries has been a 20 year journey thus far. In 2001, I was working in the hospitality industry and was given the opportunity to interview for a Sales Representative position at Sleeman Breweries.

I have worked very hard and have surrounded myself with talented and passionate people. I have known when to take risks and how to take advantage of the opportunities available along the way. I have even moved five times throughout B.C., which makes having a supportive family everything, as they have allowed me to progress to my current position as Sales Director ⁠— which I’m extremely proud of!

Why did you join Sleeman Breweries?

I genuinely believe in the products and the Sleeman Breweries beer portfolio. When I joined the team, I saw the potential for growth in the brand which made it a great fit. Sleeman Breweries took a chance on me!

Tell us about what your team works on?

In total, our Sales team is composed of 39 diverse and dynamic team members! The team in B.C. is made up of 19 Sales Representatives, three Merchandisers, as well as a Sales Operations team and a Customer Service team. I have five direct reports which include three District Sales Managers and two Key Account Managers.

Why do you think it’s exciting to be part of your team?

I have an amazing management team! Everyone is aligned, and we all have the desire and passion to improve ourselves, coach and mentor others, and achieve our common goals. We are family on and off the field and support each other in both professional and personal growth.

How would you describe the culture at Sleeman?

I would describe the culture at Sleeman Breweries as having a family feel to it. It’s about the people first — not just the profit. This type of culture is special in business today.

Why should people want to join the Sleeman team and who do you think succeeds here?

Besides having a unique culture, it’s the beer business! This industry is fun, challenging, rewarding, and includes some great perks. If you are process oriented and motivated, and if you have a great attitude and a strong work ethic, you will do well at Sleeman Breweries.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Todd!

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