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Nov 25, 2020

Meet the Can Line Team Leading the Unibroue Brewery

From operations and logistics to marketing, customer success, and sales, Sleeman Breweries has so many passionate teams that make our company a great place to work. In our new monthly Teamwork Spotlight, we’ll be highlighting just one of these teams and their amazing work each month.

In today’s first Teamwork Spotlight we’re featuring the Can Line Team based out of our Unibroue plant in Chambly, Quebec. Take a look below and get to know more about the people, work, and team culture at one of Quebec’s most iconic breweries.

What does your team work on at Sleeman?

Our main area of focus is beer canning. Right now, our team is excited to share the launch of the new Can Line at the Chambly plant! We’ll share more about that later in this blog.

What do you like best about working on the team you work on?

Our team is beyond proud to be part of the Sleeman Breweries and Unibroue team. Our employees have so much spirit and passion that it makes working here a really enjoyable experience.

How would you describe your team culture?

From the very beginning, Unibroue has carved out a special niche in the beer world with top-quality products and a brand rooted deep in Quebec heritage. Our team culture is similar in that it has a real family feel. Coming to work every day you can really feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Are there any recent collaborative projects or work efforts that went really well that stand out in your recent memory - can you share some info about this project or piece of work?

Yes! The production launch of the new Can Line is something we are very passionate about and proud to be part of. This new focus has allowed our team to expand our knowledge in the beer industry by learning about new technologies and beer equipment.

During the theoretical training, we had a translator help us navigate through the process. From start to finish, everyone was supportive and there was a strong sense of collaboration to master the equipment as quickly as possible.

There was also an undeniable level of synergy between employees at every level. And as always, there was mutual respect between all of us. We all take the time to listen to each other and we respect everyone’s ideas.

We are proud of the work we’ve done here, to say the least! And we can’t wait for everyone to taste the unique flavours of this new product line.

Thanks for sharing more about your team with us!

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